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Through A Glass Darkly - Luminal

Published August 13, 2010

Through A Glass Darkly's approach to ambient sound is to get started somewhere in the middle and follow spontaneous ideas during their live improvisations, which in a certain way resemble Minimalist music. "Luminal", Darrel Mayers' and Nigel Jacobs' d├ębut on the Petcord netlabel, utilises repetition as a means to dive into a hypnotic state of consciousness. As the music progresses, the apparent linearity of time is cancelled and expands to infinity with echoes of staccato guitars creating a pulsating motorik beat. An ambiguity of coldness and warmth is created where figures interact with resonant drones, flageolet overtones, clanking metallic devices or distorted, bowed strings. Through A Glass Darkly provide a soundtrack of subtle changes in motion with "Luminal" that mirrors the listener's associations.


Luminal release page at Petcord
Through A Glass Darkly's profile at Petcord
Cover artwork by Synflict


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